Common Illnesses and Accidents

Common Dog and Cat Illnesses and Accidents

There are hundreds of conditions that may affect your pet, so when we say the Healthy Paws plan insures accidents and illnesses, this covers quite a bit of ground; pet parents might not even know the full range and extent of incidents out there.

We reviewed all of our claims data and developed a report that not only details symptoms and discusses commonly recommended treatments for the most common conditions, but also gives you the straight talk on cost. Find it all in our Cost of Pet Health Care Report 2019.

Here are the top ten accidents and illnesses for dogs and cats from the last year.

10 Common Illnesses and Accidents for Dogs

Stomach Issues
Potential Vet Cost: Up to $29,086

Gastrointestinal (stomach) issues are caused by inflammation, ingesting something dangerous or toxic and serious illnesses. Keep an eye on what your dog eats; life-threatening emergencies happen when dogs ingest bones, toys, and certain human foods that are toxic to dogs.

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Common Illnesses and Accidents