28 Photos So Perfectly Satisfying They’ll Give You An Eyegasm

ByMetDaanPosted on January 3, 2018
Here it is: the most eagerly anticipated sequel in the history of sequels: photos that depict absolute perfection! It’s bigger and better than before, with pictures that will blow your mind with their flawlessness! They are so amazing your slight OCD tendencies and your perfectionism will be so satisfied, they won’t appear in your mind for at least five minutes after you’ve read this article! Some of these photos are so good, they will bring you to your knees praising Mother Nature for its affinity for symmetry!

Okay, okay, that’s enough hyping up. It’s just a bunch of pretty pictures. Thanks, Diply, for compiling this list.

1. When you toast that marshmallow just right

The perfect ratio of golden-brown crunchiness and soft white fluffiness.


Source: Reddit | SlimJones123

2. Everything is coming up roses

The things the Japanese invent… A face wash that dispenses foam in the shape of a rose. Why, you wonder? Who knows, but now I want it!


3. Beware danger noodle!

Before you start craving that delicious looking cinnamon roll, you need to realize one very important thing. It’s not a cinnamon roll… dum dum dum duuuuuum! It’s a snake.

Source: Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

4. First try!

When you achieve this level of perfection on your first try, you just know that you’re gonna have an incredible day.


Source: Reddit | PhilHist

5. Scratching under the surface

This gif is the reason for at least two people taking ceramic carving lessons, and for at least a few more feeling quite disturbed.


6. The boss cake

It’s almost sad to eat that. Look at it: perfectly layered, perfect amount of syrup, perfect butter placement. How can you bring yourself to destroy such a masterpiece?


Source: Reddit | Emiliovaslord

7. When you’re cooking and you feel like someone is watching you…

In Soviet Russia, you don’t keep an eye on the pot – the pot keeps an eye on you.


Source: Reddit | sidshembekar

8. Toothpaste goals

I’d like to think that one day I’d be able to achieve this level of dedication to the art of toothpaste squeezing, but I just know I couldn’t be bothered. Which is sad.


Source: Reddit

9. Is it a flower? Is it an art piece?

Nope, it’s a box of toothpicks.

“I was shaking with a box of toothpicks and they arranged like this,” wrote JesseH14.


Source: Reddit | JesseH14

10. Kyoto, Japan: before and after Photoshop

We don’t even notice the hundreds of cables hanging over our heads anymore, but removing them, even if it is only Photoshop, makes an incredible difference.


Source: Reddit | error404error00

11. If it fits, I sits

Move over, “there’s a lid for every pot”! There’s a new saying in town: “There’s a chocolate chip for every raspberry”!


Source: Reddit | icametodropbombs

12. When you’re a hedgehog, but you identify as a cat…

I thought it was only cats who loved to cram themselves into impossibly tight containers…


13. When you’re at the gas station 24/7

Since he achieved this perfect result after countless tries, Barry was finally able to quit his job at the gas station. He’d peaked, and there was nothing left for him there…


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

14. The circle of life

If you thought those toothpicks up there looked pretty sweet, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! How about these trees positioned in a perfect circle? Mother Nature is amazing, even if man has to give her a hand sometimes.


Source: Reddit | WiiUvinate

15. Bee-autiful

That looks finger-licking good!


Source: Reddit | CrazyDuck6745

16. First time for everything

Have you ever seen a peeled pomegranate? No? Well, feast your eyes on this!


Source: Reddit | FOUND-A-USERNAME

17. Mushrooms can be pretty too!

Especially if they are as colorful as this. Kinda looks like a coral reef, doesn’t it?


Source: Reddit | thebayallday

18. A mariner’s touch

It’s not just about being functional, it needs to look good too!


Source: Reddit | cdhernandez

19. The tension is unbearable!

It’s just a paper clip. Floating on water. And it’s beautiful. This photo would make learning about surface tension much more enjoyable.


Source: Reddit | terchon

20. Spiky, but satisfying

An aloe vera plant growing in a perfect spiral is a soothing influence for an agitated mind, as well as a soothing influence for irritated skin.


Source: Reddit | justbyhappenstance

21. CVS approves of the length

What do you get when you print a test receipt? Perfection.


Source: Reddit | Rep232

22. Fifty shades of coffee

Accident, or a really talented barista?


Source: Reddit | LambeauLeapt

23. How was this pyramid built? Aliens?

Was it worth it spending all morning making sure you were frying the right sized pancakes? Definitely.


Source: Reddit | LambeauLeapt

24. The one pizza

Nothing to see here, just a slice of pepperoni fitting perfectly in an onion ring.


Source: Reddit | Aznev

25. When your washing machine starts developing perfectionist tendencies

“My wife opened a washing machine full of towels and found it just like this after the cycle. Amazing,” wrote Rittmeister7.


Source: Reddit | Rittmeister7

26. Back to the beginning

After traveling all over the world, this Bic lighter is finally home.


Source: Reddit | PhilthyMcNastay

27. That’s how you leave a lasting impression

“My shoe impression pattern I did in my Forensics class,” wrote snakeswithhats.


Source: Reddit | snakeswithhats

28. *Drip drip drip* –> Art

This is how new glue guns are born. In a few months, they will hatch from those little eggs. So adorable!


Source: Reddit | pimack

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28 Photos So Perfectly Satisfying They’ll Give You An Eyegasm